Welcome to our Community

Countryside Home is a non-profit, city-owned facility located on the edge of Madison. We at Countryside Home pride ourselves for our like-home environment. Our goal is to help each resident to feel at home and welcome in our facility. We understand it can be a difficult transition coming to a new place and a new way of living. Our staff is dedicated to making this transition as comfortable as possible. Many of our employees have been part of the Countryside Home team for several years, and they take great pride in the residents and the facility.

Dining Room

Our dining room is spacious with large windows looking out onto our outdoor seating area. We have delicious meals and offer daily menus, allowing residents to choose what they would like to eat. We also offer additional options in the event they do not prefer what is on the daily menu.  Social time is also held daily at 3 PM for residents and their visitors to enjoy conversation and snacks.

Resident Rooms

Countryside Home has private and semi-private rooms available. All rooms have a large window to allow ample sunlight. They are each equipped with individual heating and cooling units to ensure that the comfort of each resident is met. Rooms are kept in excellent condition by our housekeeping and maintenance staff. Residents can decorate their areas as they wish, and bring comforts from home to make their stay even more home-like.

Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living has private apartments, each of which includes its own full bathroom. Residents are served family-style meals in a formal dining room. The residents are able to join in the multiple activities offered in the Skilled Nursing Facility as well as additional activities and outings. There is an outdoor seating area as well as an indoor area by the front entrance. A solarium is located at the end of the hall. This area offers a quiet space for residents to visit with family and friends.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Our skilled nursing facility is staffed by qualified professionals who provide 24 hour care to all residents. We provide services to individuals requiring long term placement, hospice care, or short term rehabilitation. Our goal is to allow residents the highest possible level of independence while maintaining safety and dignity. We assist them to meet their needs and wishes, whether it is to return home or to transition into long term care.

Special Care Unit

Our Special Care Unit is part of our Skilled Nursing Unit that provides a quiet environment with more available supervision and less disruption for residents who become anxious or agitated. The staff provides assistance with daily cares as well as cognitive and memory support for residents with dementia. The nursing staff in the Special Care Unit has many years of experience and devotion to residents with more complex needs.

Hospice Care

Some of our residents are in need of comfort cares. Hospice Care teams are available to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support, in conjunction with nursing care, for those residents in need of these cares as they approach end of life. 

Rehabilitation & Aquatics Center

Countryside Home Rehabilitation & Aquatics Center is a state of the art facility fully equipped to meet the individual needs of our clients. We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy to residents of Countryside Home as well as to outpatients. We have a large rehab gym and four private treatment areas. We also have a 12 x 20 foot therapy pool, and our staff is trained in Phased Progression Aquatic Therapy in order to efficiently couple the benefits of warm water with a progressive exercise regime. This leads to improved tolerance to therapy procedures and maximizes the rate of recovery. Both residents and outpatients can benefit from aquatic therapy. Our staff has many combined years of experience treating individuals of all ages and at all levels of disability.

Welcome to Countryside Home

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