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Countryside Home Rehabilitation & Aquatics Center is pleased to announce the introduction of Phased Progression, an approach to aquatic therapy that is unique to this community and the surrounding area.
Along with our state of the art 12 x 20 warm water, multi-level therapy pool, we are implementing Phased Progression, developed by Scott Hankins, BA, MPT/ART from Kansas City, MO.  “Phased Progression allows patients to begin rehab earlier than when using only traditional therapies,” explained Hankins.  “We combine both aquatic and land-based techniques to speed recovery times.”

Our Progression trained therapists are certified in this proprietary system in which they use a set of established criteria to develop individual therapy plans for each patient. Every diagnosis has its own unique progression.  Each phase is designed to fully harness the healing properties of water and to maximize the patient’s full rehab potential at that particular time. Aquatic Functional Testing allows our therapists to measure and document patient progress, as well as, determine readiness for a safe transition to exclusive land therapy. When transitioned to land-based therapy, patients are already stronger and functioning at a higher level.  All plans of care end with land-based therapies, ensuring that patients are able to return to an optimal level of functioning in their daily lives.

They are currently developing plans to engage in clinical research to expand scientific evidence of the healing powers of Phased Progression with the University of Missouri.  Missouri University is very impressed with the application of Phased Progression as a superior approach to healing and human conditioning.  The University will assist them in the design of, research and documentation of additional clinical outcomes.”  

Phased Progression

  • Supported by science, specific diagnoses justify the use of aquatic therapies for patients, physicians, and third-party payers.

  • Proven to speed recovery times with less discomfort.   

  • Greater physician satisfaction and loyalty through superior patient outcome.

  • Compliments surgery department through advanced rehabilitation.

  • Proven to provide both superior patient care and superior performance.

  • Takes a holistic approach to physical rehabilitation.

  • Demonstrates commitment to innovation and high-quality patient care.

Phased Progression is licensed intellectual property and Countryside Home Rehabilitation and Aquatics Center is the sole contracted provider of this water-to-land plan of progressive care, within a fifty mile radius around Madison, Nebraska.   Many individuals have already had the opportunity to benefit from Phased Progression in conjunction with warm water therapy!  This exclusive license assures our in-patients and out-patients the quality care for which Countryside Home is already known.

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